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Weird CSS: The Case of the Forgotten Hover

I was working on a website today when I noticed something quirky about my links' behavior.

First I applied a default color for all links. Then I applied a different color for all links when they are hovered on. Then much later I took a section of links ( one's in the footer ) and gave them a different default color, what i noticed was that when links receive a different color, they all stop having the default hover effect. Maybe some code will make it more clear.

a { color: blue; } 
a:hover { color: red; } 

.box a { color: green; } 

<a href="#">A Blue Link That Hovers Red</a> 

<div class="box">
     <a href="#">A Green Link That Doesn't Hover Red</a>

Doesn't That Seem Strange

Is it just me, or do you also feel like the green link should still hover red, even though it's default color has been changed?

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