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Commenting: You're Doing It Wrong

Are you looking to boost traffic to your blog by commenting on others?

You're probably not doing it right.

The Idea

So, we've often been told that commenting on other blogs can give you two benefits.

  1. You can get in links to your website.
  2. You can get traffic if people click your website in the comments field.

And this is totally true, but there is a small snag that most people overlook.

The Problem

Most people take this advice and march straight to the most popular blogs on the net. Leaving comments on all of their posts and waiting for traffic to come to you.

The issue with this process is that these popular blogs often get hundreds of comments per day, and most of the other people commenting are up to the exact same thing as you are!

I mean, if everyone that sees your comment scrolls right by because they're only there to leave their own comment*, no one is clicking to your site!

*All three there's used in one sentence!

The Solution

Here is what you need to do from now on.

  1. Go to your favorite super popular blog.
  2. Scroll down to the comments thread.
  3. Start clicking on those commentors websites!
  4. Leave them comments.

This does two amazing things for you. First, it gets you a much high click per comment rate as most of these people don't have very successful blogs and want to know who it is that left them a comment. On the other hand, it provides a great opportunity for you to meet new bloggers and network.

Get Started

Get your start right now by leaving a comment on my blog! I'll be sure to comment back on yours and you'll be well on your way!

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